Appetizer Diet Success Club

Ever wanted to lose weight but it was so hard because you were all alone?  That is what the Appetizer Diet and The Appetizer Diet Success Club are all about.  We are people helping our old and new friends to, once and for-all,  reach our weight loss goals.  At the Appetizer Diet Success Club we’re all in it together and we’re going to win together!

With the Appetizer Diet Success Club you will receive a bi-weekly newsletter filled with tips, recipes, and your testimonials to inspire and let you know, you aren’t alone!  Marcie Cook and Pattie Arnold will post their progress on the Appetizer Diet Success Club site each week and talk about the things they have discovered along the way.

Marcie Cook, MBA, is on the Board of Directors of the MLMIA and heads up their Legislative Committee.  In addition she was General Motors’ first women to serve as a General Manager for one of their automobile manufacturing plants. Marcie is also spouse and partner to Rod Cook (The MLM Watchdog).

Pattie Arnold holds a Masters degree from Clayton College of Natural Health in Holistic Nutrition.  She is currently a PH.D. candidate at the same institution.  In addition she was the co-founder and owner of a network marketing company where she served as Vice President of Operations.  Her husband Greg Arnold is the author of the mlm classic The Multi-Level Mangler In King Arthur’s Court.

Together Marcie and Pattie are well qualified to support you in this fun and exciting adventure!  If there ever was an opportunity to finally realize your dreams, this is it!  The Appetizer Diet lets you forget about counting calories and feeling guilty every time you put food in your mouth.  The Appetizer Diet is so easy to win with.  All you have to do is drink one delicious fruit flavored appetizer 30-45 minutes before each meal.  Then eat what you want, you’ll just want less.  Then watch those unwanted pounds melt away, never to be seen again.

About the Appetizer Diet
The Appetizer Diet is a breakthrough beverage that helps reduce your cravings for fattening foods. It’s a simple, one-step solution to meet your weight management goals. Try it today and taste the difference.

What does it taste like? How does it work?
The Appetizer Diet shake has a delicious fruit punch flavor, and each glass is only 80 calories. Drink a shake about 30-45 minutes before your meal as an “appetizer,” and you will experience the benefits when you eat! Your cravings are reduced, you feel fuller for longer, and you feel satisfied with fewer calories.

What’s the secret?
There’s no secret, just solid science. The Appetizer Diet taps into the latest research on the weight management benefits of soy, soy protein and fiber. It takes advantage of consumer research, too: people are tired of elaborate, overly-complicated diets. They want a simple, convenient answer to their needs. That’s what the Appetizer Diet delivers.

Trying to manage your weight and balance a busy schedule? Even when you’re doing the right things—like exercise, eating the right foods, and taking the right supplements—you still need that extra something to bring it all together. Now, all it takes is adding an appetizer to every meal: The Appetizer Diet!